Education in human values for children and youth citizenship through Rugby.

It aims to promote among children the analysis and knowledge of habits and attitudes that generate changes that help them grow as individuals and as a group, using Rugby as a tool for motivation and respect for others, taking into account that from the teaching of this sport emerges a series of very useful values for life in society, such as INTEGRITY, PASSION, SOLIDARITY, DISCIPLINE and above all RESPECT. We work with male students between 10 and 14 years old who have presented behavioral problems, within the Escuela Monseñor Romero de Fe y Alegría.

This program has an important social aspect that complements the sports practice and is materialized in the distribution of a nutritious breakfast after training, prepared by a group of volunteers from the city highly committed to the program, they donate the supplies and prepare the arepas for the children, they also have a regular medical checkup and other complementary activities.
We have been moving forward with the idea that a team is a family that must take care of and respect each other, help each other to improve both in the aspects of the game and in life, attack forward and play for the teammate, so that this way of thinking is transferred to other aspects of their lives.


  • The children have noticeably improved their behavior.
  • Attendance and punctuality.
  • The vocabulary and the way the children address the teachers have changed satisfactorily.
  • They have learned good manners at mealtimes.
  • The five rugby values are part of each of them.
  • Group leaders have emerged within the team who organize them to train and play.


It is a value that allows the human being to recognize, accept, appreciate and value the qualities of others and their rights, is the recognition of self-worth and the rights of individuals and society.


It is one of the human values par excellence, which is defined as the mutual collaboration among people, as that feeling that keeps people united at all times, especially when experiencing difficult experiences.


It is the ability to act in an orderly and persevering manner to achieve a purpose; it requires planning and guidelines to achieve the desired objectives.


It is that feeling of absolute satisfaction that we feel or that something produces in us. To have passion for something is to always want to repeat it, to feel an indescribable degree of happiness and pleasure in doing it.


A person of integrity is one who lives in tune with the feeling of his soul and his values, in relation to the greatest good. He is one who always does what is right," not what is convenient for him.

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The construction of a more creative society is linked to an Education through Art that promotes new themes and approaches that stimulate the imagination. Society in our country must rethink and consider the culture of coexistence and confluence from the perspective of children, especially if the formulation of solutions is structured from an artistic vision, free of prejudice and empowered by the ability to dream of a country and a more loving and just world for all human beings.


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