Aware of the need for comprehensive attention to the educational process and to combat school dropout, we undertook in nutrition, our goal is to provide 500 arepas daily from Monday to Saturday throughout the school year, to children and youth of the Escuela Monseñor Romero de Fe y Alegría in the neighborhood of El Trompillo. These arepas are filled with meat, chicken, fish, eggs, sausage, cheese and are served with fruit juices, all this prepared by the hands of a group of volunteer mothers of the students who benefit from this school breakfast, our idea is to feed each of the children in mind, body and spirit.

We are dedicated to extend our helping hand to the children and the most vulnerable neighbors, we forge bridges of humanitarian aid, we are committed to the idea of joining wills, which allow us to contribute our grain of sand in the face of a serious crisis with marked features of social emergency, especially in relation to the issue of child nutrition, and its relationship with education, which in recent times has increased by 300%. Every day more and more children abandon their dreams in the classroom because, in most cases, they can only eat once a day.

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The construction of a more creative society is linked to an Education through Art that promotes new themes and approaches that stimulate the imagination. Society in our country must rethink and consider the culture of coexistence and confluence from the perspective of children, especially if the formulation of solutions is structured from an artistic vision, free of prejudice and empowered by the ability to dream of a country and a more loving and just world for all human beings.


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+1 305 766 4520


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