How do we do it?

We operate on the basis of sustainability, the main source of funding received to be able to carry out our programs comes from the sale of works of art, own Venezuelan artists who make them come to our gallery on consignment, some Venezuelan entrepreneurs, designers of flannel and bracelets also make their pieces reach our hands, these we sell in local, national and international markets, we receive a percentage of sales and the other remaining goes to the artist. We also appeal to the sensitivity and humanism of Venezuelans abroad, who humanely make the decision to sponsor children from our programs and help them in everything related to education.

To all of the above, we add the various events full of art and elegance where we concentrate all our energies to add benefits, which go towards promoting our programs and paint a future full of colors for our children. It is important for us to emphasize that none of this would be possible without the valuable help of our team of volunteers who every day give their time, dedication and above all a lot of love so that the Flower of Hope never dies.

We invite you to continue contributing your grain of sand


Buying a work

Sponsoring a Child