Donations Received In 2018

Donations Received In 2018
We are extremely grateful for all the donations we received in 2018, they helped us to develop our projects and fulfill the dream of many children, our main ally is the CDEI foundation led by our dear friends Liliana Malavé and Teacher Mónica Padilla, a foundation dedicated to support organizations that work to make a difference in communities in need in Venezuela.

At JumpStart, you are able to encounter worksheets committed to personal topics, offering kids the freedom to remake themselves determined by their demands. Many individuals could be candid inside their complaint or disfavor of the piece. Finish punctuation is usually right, and several phrases are capitalized properly. Since this training concentrates to check this free tool, it might truly be best taught within the language arts block.

We also had other organizations donate to us during the year:s

My Cerana

Designers of stylish travel accessories for the modern woman based in London.

Asociación Ayuda Venezuela

Non-profit association, located in Barcelona Spain, dedicated to collecting medicines to help Venezuela

Somos Huella Chile

Non-profit association dedicated to giving a smile and a toy to every child.

Banco Plaza

Financial institution located in the city of Caracas Venezuela.


Civil association dedicated to help different charities that work on behalf of Latin American countries.

Eagle Point Elementary School

Weston Florida through our collaborator Mariana Guedez.

Fábrica de Pasta la Especial

Located in Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

Agronegocios Latinos

Dedicated to the import and export of agro-industrial products.

Number of donations received
and Delivered During 2018

More than $13,000 in Enterex food supplements

Were received and donated to children and seniors served by our foundation.

$25,000 in medical surgical supplies.

Delivered to public health institutions in the city of Barquisimeto.

$50.000 in medicines received from Spain.

Delivered in the mega medical days carried out.