Andreina Suárez Crespo

Andreina Suarez Crespo, is a Barquisimetana woman born on February 13, 1977, daughter of Alfredo Suarez Iséa, a gastroenterologist and Maria Josefina Crespo de Suarez, a pastry chef, very dedicated and committed parents to their three children; Married for 16 years to Roberto Abreu Cardenas, a man of generous heart and noble defender of women’s rights and unconditional partner in the social work of his wife, the union between the two born his two great loves Fabiana and Roberto Andres Abreu Suarez, For her, the family is the fundamental pillar of her life. It is indisputable that her success in social work is due in great part to the active role of each of the members of her family.

Her academic formation from elementary to high school is developed in the Immaculate Conception schools and the Catholic religious institutions that forge Christian social subjects of integrity, capable of building a society where love, peace and justice reign.

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Once she finished high school, she began her professional career at the Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado, a journey full of active and leading participation in student leadership and various clubs such as the CDCHT, a space dedicated to promoting scientific productivity and technical quality committed to the development process of the region and the country. She also participated in the student extensionist club, whose mission was to take the university to the communities, undoubtedly a career full of leadership and social commitment that led her to graduate as a Civil Engineer committed to social assistance. She thinks that the construction of a more creative society is linked to education through art, since it promotes new themes and approaches that stimulate the imagination; that society in general should reflect and consider the culture of coexistence and empathy from the perspective of children, especially if the formulation of solutions is structured from the artistic vision, she feels that education is extremely important, because it opens a window of opportunity for people to build a different future. We present her projects, all linked to children’s education and social transformation of children and adolescents, especially those at risk.

Andreina Suárez has an impulse that inspires new actions in the Venezuelan artistic and educational world. She has managed to lead various projects of children’s education and social transformation through art. In 2015 she assumed the editorial direction of the book: Lara: Mi Museo Imaginario, taking care of the aesthetics, layout, writing and coordinating the iconographic search. This experience led her to the creation of Galería Piso 8 Fine Art in 2016, and its consolidation as a cultural promoter with high social sensitivity, since in parallel she developed La Flor de la Esperanza, an educational venture aimed at 50 girls with high intellectual abilities at risk.

Andreina Suárez is a woman who helps hundreds of people to navigate in these times of uncertainty and difficulties, but also wonderful times since the construction of a more creative society is linked to education through art that promotes new themes and approaches that stimulate the imagination.



With Mutual Effort We Achieve the Proposed Goals

Jesús Pernalete Túa

Being self-taught, he developed between 1980-1998 painting and drawing, in this last year he began an intense process of academic training, studying at the museum of contemporary art in Caracas Sofia Imber, working in their workshops with the masters Pedro Leon Zapata and Antonio Lazo.
His work described as pictography is combined with Pop Art and is closely linked to his concerns and social projects, which have a strong component of education through art to transform the emotions of citizens, from the impact generated by the vibrant color and reflective phrases that appear as the protagonist in many of his paintings, murals and textiles for everyday use. His creations try to break free into the world of the possible, carrying the seed of hope, ready to germinate so that a new conscience of true humanity can grow.

Visual artist and teacher, founder and director of the Creatium Art Center in Barquisimeto, studied at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas Sofía Imber, worked in their workshops with the masters Pedro León Zapata and Antonio Lazo.

Diploma in Governance and Public Policy Management, specialized in cultural activation by the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and the George Washington University.
Guest professor of art at the “United World Atlantic College. Wales. United Kingdom.
President of Fundación Paz Positiva and General Coordinator of Movimiento Ciudadano Esperanza Activa.

Co-author of the books: “Lara: My Imaginary Museum” with Andreina Suarez and “100 ideas for the city of Barquisimeto” of the Urban Culture Foundation, with the idea “Educational Museums in Environmental Citizenship”. Barquisimeto. Lara State.