Flower of Hope

Our program aims to promote assertive behaviors that favor the strengthening of personal, family and social values of girls, so that they develop as emotionally healthy citizens who contribute to the cultural, moral and educational development of their immediate environment by multiplying the knowledge acquired in lectures, forums and assembly of children’s citizenship, forums and assembly of children citizenship that maintain an interconnection between children, youth, and teachers promoters of transforming leadership, for the exchange of experiences and future alliances to be more extensive in space and time, the dissemination of the culture of NON-VIOLENCE towards the female gender and the culture of positive peace.

The first phase of the program has been developed taking as a pilot center the Monseñor Romero School of Fe y Alegría in the neighborhood of El Trompillo in the city of Barquisimeto, with the support of the institution’s board of directors. We have selected girls between 7 and 15 years old who meet the profile of High Intellectual, Artistic and Leadership Capacities and who have been victims of bullying. The selected girls receive training through art, as a transversal axis of learning, which allows an assimilation of knowledge on topics such as: Social Emotions, Leadership, Citizen Democracy, Creative Conflict Resolution, Citizenship Education and Artistic Expression.

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The construction of a more creative society is linked to an Education through Art that promotes new themes and approaches that stimulate the imagination. Society in our country must rethink and consider the culture of coexistence and confluence from the perspective of children, especially if the formulation of solutions is structured from an artistic vision, free of prejudice and empowered by the ability to dream of a country and a more loving and just world for all human beings.


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+1 305 766 4520


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